We suppose your weekends weren’t made for Home Cleaning

Through scientific research it has proven that mattresses are not cleaned annually, will have between a hundred thousand to 20 million dust mites. Emu cleaning services Brisbane is prepared to take care of those mites that feed on dead skin cells shed while we sleep. Dust mites, Bed bugs can also be found on mattresses and they feed on human blood.


Children always play, enjoy over on mattress and washing the sheets is not sufficient to provide a bacteria and dust free environment for you. Our mattress cleaning Brisbane team helps the customers to resolve their bed bugs related problems even in weekdays because many People don’t want to spoil their weekends so yes we are available 24/7. Most of our cleaning system helps to remove the urine, pet stains and other sweat stains from the mattress.

Emu Cleaning Services Provide Below Services while Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

  • Dust mites Removal
  • Pet odor treatment
  • Urine, vomit, blood removal service
  • Sanitize and deodorize
  • Mattress Stain Protector

Sleeping on a dirty mattress can be an awfully frustrating experience for everybody. You can get sick if you sleep on a dirty mattress infected with bed bugs. It is important that you take measures to keep your mattress clean. You can save yourself the time and trouble by hiring a good cleaning company that offers excellent mattress cleaning services. Emu Cleaning services only uses premium natural products to clean and sanitize your mattress. Natural products clean without leaving behind chemical residue. These natural products provide extended protection against dust mite allergens, between regular cleanings. We also provide offers on festive seasons and for senior citizens. Our cleaning team comes to your house to make it even easier to have a clean place to rest your head at the end of the day. Call us today 1800 259 101 for free quote.